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Konsulate - energy-efficient hemp insulation for the house.

The coefficient of thermal conductivity is 2 times lower than in other heaters.

* According to laboratory studies, λ ≈ from 0.0214 g/m2, which is 60% better than mineral wool


Advantages of "Konsulate"


Does not emit harmful substances during installation and subsequent use. Hypoallergenic, does not cause mold and insects

Low thermal conductivity

The coefficient of thermal conductivity is —

0.0214 W/(m·K) at density 550 g/m2

High sound absorption 

125Hz — 0.1

 250Hz — 0.24

 500Hz — 0.53

 1000Hz — 0.74

2000Hz — 0.86

Effectively regulates moisture

The ability to regulate humidity in the room without changing its characteristics as a heater


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