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How does the composition of the insulation affect its properties?

When discussing the characteristics of insulation, people often focus on the composition of the main components, such as natural fibers. But the material's properties are significantly influenced by its bicomponent. In this article, we will consider the role of the bicomponent in the composition of Konsulate insulation.

Структура утеплювача Консулейт
Structure of Konsulate insulation

Konsulate insulation consists of 80% natural hemp fibers and 20% bicomponent. These components determine the quality and characteristics of the material. The bicomponent, in this case low-melting polyester fiber, ensures the durability and energy efficiency of the insulation.

The bi-component adds thickness to the insulation and helps the material hold its shape. It also affects the thermal conductivity of the material, making it more efficient in retaining heat.


In the production of our Konsulate insulation, we use recycled polyester fiber obtained from recycled PET bottles. This reduces the environmental impact and makes the material environmentally friendly.

In addition, modern technologies make it possible to manufacture insulation using a PLA (polylactic acid) bicomponent derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugar cane through fermentation.

Konsulate insulation is an ideal choice for those who value energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The material is made using environmentally friendly components, reflecting the desire for sustainable development and environmental protection.

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